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Digital Business Analysis and
Service Delivery Consultants

Over 100 Million downloads

We provide insight and process to services that deliver millions of digital media downloads across web and mobile

Recurring Revenue Streams

We identify, map and visualize the opportunities for your business to harness recurring revenue streams

Global Insight

We work as embedded team members or as remote-site consultants and share our insight with organisations who in turn deliver their apps and services to customers all over the globe

It is beyond all doubt that all our knowledge begins with experience.

Immanuel Kant

Inside The Package

We work with household brands, global media services and high-tech startups.

We’ve been doing this for over 20 years; before 3G and 4G transformed the way we all think about technology.

We’ve worked on projects based on ideas that have ranged across the inspired, the enlightened, the down right risky….. and quite a lot in-between and we share these experiences on every project. Your teams and suppliers are informed and supported; your products and services are delivered to engaged customers.

Clear and Concise Requirements

We specilalize in digital media or e-commerce requirements identification and business-wide process mapping. We are skilled in bridging the communications gap between strategic, incremental business cycles and dynamic operational, Agile sprints.

We are able to support, manage or own the process of identifying complementary business drivers, additional benefits and niche revenue opportunities.

We translate and communicate your concepts, ideas and needs into visually engaging, understandable justifications; then ensure that these are endorsed at all stakeholder levels.

The publications shared on this site form part of the library of fundamental best practice that OS Limited base their consultancy and delivery upon.

Highly Detailed Design

Our activity process mapping and user documentation has been the mainstay of many successful mobile and web media applications. It has even been responsible for prompting second phase product investment and extensions of the initial product lifecycle. 

Engaging, skilled negotiation

We identify and manage stakeholder engagement, take an impartial view to gaining stakeholder consensus and manage the end to end requirements identification and elicitation process.

Documented knowledge transfer

At the end of the project it is the quality of this documentation that remains with your business and forms the cornerstone of our business wide open mentoring and shared knowledge policies.



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